Lisa Franklin Music Expands its reach…

through broadcasting and community involvement.


Lisa has been given the opportunity to expand her reach through television broadcasting. She was blessed with the opportunity to have her own segment on Radio Live TV with host SimplyCandice. Lisa knew that God was opening this door through SimplyCandice and she is forever grateful for this platform to share her music and encourage others who are going through difficult times. Lisa’s segment will include videos of her original music and words of inspiration. You can tune in Thursdays @ 8 pm EST on Roku and ALL NATIONS TV.


Lisa Franklin Music has partnered with SISTERhood, a community service of Lady C Enterprise. SISTERhood will help raise funding for community services, volunteer, mentor, host annual benefit concerts and bring awareness to organizations that provide help to those who are in need.  Lisa will be a Co-Host and Artist for the 2021 SISTERhood Benefit Concert on May 14th @ 7:00 pm. This event will be streamed live through SISTERhood’s Media Partners